RP Guitars

Guitar Setups, Repairs, Servicing, Builds & Modifications in Abingdon Oxfordshire.


With over 40 years experience of playing, repairing and setting up guitars, and full time since 2005, I'm able to provide high quality guitar repairs and very precise setups that will transform the playability of your guitar. I work from home, charging sensible prices, and because working on guitars is my only job I have a quick turnaround, which is usually within 3 working days.

My precision engineering background has given me the ability to work to extremely high standards and very fine tolerances, and has been instrumental in doing my guitar repairs and setups.

I cater for anyone from a teenager on a tight budget, right through to the pro musician who demands that extra attention to detail.


Electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Also mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, ukulele etc...


Setups (Standard and Pro-Setups see prices)
Refrets, fret dressing and re-profiling
Nut replacement and cutting
Pickup and hardware replacement
Pickup and cavity shielding
Floyd Rose setup and locking nut machining to the optimum height.
Acoustic under bridge pickup and preamp installation
Wax Potting (stops squealing microphonic pickups)
Broken neck / headstock repair
Lots more services available. Contact me for more details.

Custom made parts

One off and small batch, modifications, custom and obsolete parts.

Standard Electric Setup

Clean and oil fingerboard, re-string, truss rod adjustment, cut nut, set action and intonation, adjust pickup height.

With Floyd Rose

As above with tremolo setup and locking nut base machined to get correct height.


As Standard Setup plus either re-seat high frets or remove any high spots before a very light fret dress and polish. This method levels all the frets with minimal dressing so there is no unnecessary metal removal.

Acoustic Setup

Clean and oil fingerboard, re-string, adjust truss rod, cut nut, then precisely machine saddle to give the optimum action.

A general service is included with all setups with a check for scratchy pots, loose jack sockets, strap buttons, machine heads etc...